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The ISDN TA with built in NT is an ISDN network Terminator with 2 a/b (POTS) ports with serial and USB built in data ports. The data port provides a high speed solution for internet access, File transfers, Remote Access services etc. Support for advanced communication software is provided via CAPI 2.0 drivers.

On the Digital port up to 8 devices (with optional extender) can be terminated such as video conferencing for 64 or 128 kbps, ISDN Feature Phones, G4 fax etc. Configuration is simple, using an analog telephone or via a GUI utility provided on the data ports. The data ports are provided with drivers for easy of installation. The LED’s provided on the front give you the status at a glance also making diagnostics and to provide for ease of maintenance.

The ISDN TA with built in NT also supports Network Management Services which are password protected. This helps in knowing the status of the unit also allows remote configuration that saves time required to effect changes in the configuration without the need to visit the customer’s location. Support for remote firmware upgrade is also included this helps to keep the system updated to the latest features which is very cost effective in the long run. ISDN TA with built in NT is housed in a small sturdy and aesthetically designed case

Analog Port Features
Analog Extension

The ISDN TA with NT provides you with 2 extensions. For connecting fax machines, modems, etc. Supports internal communication while both B Channels are in use
Configuration Setting

Configuration can be done using standard phone connected to the analog port
Flexible MSN usage
If you have several MSN then each MSN number can be programmed to ring any combination of extension.
Distinctive Ring
Each MSN number can be programmed for a different Ring tone
Call pick up
Any extension can be used to answer incoming calls ringing on another extension.
Before making a call, choice of deactivating and activating caller ID per call or enabling it permanently
Caller ID is presented on all extensions for all income calls
Call forwarding
( CFU,CFB and CFNR ) depending on condition a call can be forwarded to another subscriber
An exiting call can be suspended and resumed
Call waiting
Second incoming call is announced via special tone.
Call Transfer
Incoming calls on any extension can be transferred to another extension
Telephone number of Malicious caller can be registered at the switch by invoking a command
While engaged in conversation you can have third party join in
Emergency Mode
Choice of Analog or ST ports working in case of local power failure.
Model iNT-DPS
ISDN Interfaces
1x RJ 45, 2 Wire U interface, 2B1Q coding, ETR 080
S/T Interfaces
2x RJ 45, 4 wire interface, as per ANSI T1.605 standard, ETSI ETS300012, ITU-T I.430 recommendation
Network Management ( NMS )
Remote configuration
Remote firmware Upgrade
RS232 Interface
1 X 9 pin DSUB connector female
Transmission Speeds
1200-230 400 bits/ (asynchronous )
B channel
2 x 64000 bits/s (asynchronous)
7 Bit even/odd parity, 1 stop bit
Windows 98/ME/XP/2000
Analog Ports

2 X RJ 11 POTS , Impedance 600 Ohms , DC Voltage on hook: 40V DC , Ringing Voltage >35V rms , CLIP available on both analog ports
Physical Dimension
215 x 135 x 42.5 mm